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Repeat Traffic

Distribution and Pricing

You'll recall that the 4th P of the Marketing Mix is Place. The Internet has turned the channels of distribution topsy-turvy by enabling everyone to sell directly to the public, bypassing all the middlemen.

Let's look at an example. Mary handcrafts widgets. She sells them at her own small retail outlet in San Antonio. She also laboriously cultivates other widget galleries across the Southwest who buy from her at wholesale prices.

What will happen to Mary's relationships with her out-of-town wholesale clients if she starts selling her widgets directly the public in her cities via the Internet? Will they drop her product line?

How should she price her Internet sales: the same, lower or higher than her wholesale customers charge at their stores?

Would her wholesale clients be more likely to accept her Internet presence if she advertised their stores on her web page?

How would Mary be affected if her clients started advertising on the Internet too?

Should she only attempt to cultivate more wholesale customers via the Internet and not sell directly to the public?

Lot's of questions...not too many answers. Every industry has its own peculiar channels of distribution that are being disrupted by the global reach of the Internet. We can't tell you what issues will affect you but we can recommend that you research and ponder all of the implications carefully so that you don't accidentally destroy valuable business relationships.

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