Part I:

4 Ps
Consumer Decisions
Marketing Mix
Relationship Marketing
Hunters & Browsers
Push vs. Pull
Reach & Frequency

Part II:
Should your
be Online?

Customers Online?
Competitors Online?

Part III:
to Avoid

Legal Blunders
Distribution and Pricing
Graphics and Design
10 Blunders to Avoid

arrowPart IV:
How to
Do It

Bare Bones Marketing
Getting Noticed
Call to Action
Repeat Traffic

A Call to Action
Your Web site should have a call to action, or a request for the visitor to do something. Call you on the phone. Visit your store. Sign a guest book. Drop you a note via e-mail. Fill out an order form.

These techniques work best when you can automate them. Automation usually involves access to a script (a modest computer program), which is stored on the web server in a section only accessible to the system administrators.

Some Internet-specific techniques have evolved over the past several years:

    Autoresponders generate a form letter that is immediately mailed to the customer. He or she typically fills out a form or sends an e-mail message to and a reply is immediately send back. This is an easy way to send out rapidly changing information while at the same time capturing information about your visitors. Double duty! Autoresponder services can provide this to your site for a modest (under $50) annual fee.

  • If you have never used an autoresponder, try this one, which will send you back a list of marketing-oriented discussion lists on the Internet.

  • A local company that offers autoresponders is WorldPost.

  • Forms
    Forms can be as simple as a request for a name and e-mail address to a securely encrypted order form that accepts credit cards. People like filling out online forms, and including a well designed form can increase your response rate. Fill-out rates will increase if you provide something in exchange for the information - a coupon, an online newsletter subscription, entry into a secure area, for example. Sales and Promotions
    As with retail or catalogue sales, it pays to give people a reason to contact you now, rather than later. Consider limited time offers.

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