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Push vs. Pull
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Should your
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10 Blunders to Avoid

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How to
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Bare Bones Marketing
Getting Noticed
Call to Action
Repeat Traffic

Repeat traffic
Just as you generate traffic in a retail store, you must generate traffic to your website. The techniques for initiating traffic have already been discussed. The next logical step is to keep 'em coming back for more.

The key to generating repeat traffic is refreshing your content. People expect to see new things each time they return to your site. As a rule of thumb, plan on adding something new at least once a month. This is easier if you come up with a "something of the month" that you can churn out regularly. A food-oriented business, for example, could offer a recipe of the month, prepare them for the web all at once, and feed them in on a 30-day cycle.

Here are some other tested ideas for generating traffic:

    Contests and games
    Running a contest can improve site traffic. Some people will return every cycle to try again, other will at least check back to see if they have won. The prize doesn't have to be a big one, but make sure that you follow through on it. On the Builders Square AlamoBowl site, for example, we invited fans to vote for their favorite team. As a prize, we offered to paint the site Aggie maroon or Michigan blue, based on which team got the most votes. No cost, high traffic!

    Sales and coupons
    If your product supports it, you can offer coupons on your web page for a percentage discount, or advertise special offers that you don't promote anywhere else.

    Update Notices
    Customers can enter a requests to receive notification via e-mail every time your site changes. Your message to them serves as a reminder to visit your site.

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