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Internet Marketing Mix
The Internet Marketing Mix
Being on the Internet doesn't have to mean maintaining your own World Wide Web site. In fact, about 86% of the businesses people who are on the Internet say that they use it mainly for gathering information. Let's take a look at the different things that businesses can do on the Internet:
    Information Gathering: There is a wealth of information on the Internet: about your customers, about your competitors, about your products and services. With an inexpensive (less than $20/month) personal Internet account you can tap into this rich resource. This is a low cost/low involvement way of entering the Internet marketplace, and we recommend that every business person spend a few months as an observer and information gatherer before plunging into deeper comittments.

    Awareness: This is comparable to a brochure, a yellow pages ad or store front signage. At this level, you might consider putting up a simple, low-cost web page that lets people know who you are and what you do. This format is especially useful for reaching tourists and newcomers, who are more and more turning to the Internet to locate basic services. Also in this category are classified ads that you can place on someone else's web site. Awareness is an excellent interim step but will achieve limited results.

    Customer Support: At this level you provide assistance to your current and future customers. High-tech companies have made good use of this technique by providing on-line manuals, software patches and e-mail help lines, but the concept is adaptable to any business. Think of providing schedules. Late-breaking discounts and coupons. Product reviews. Suggestions of novel ways to use your products. Catalogs. E-mail answers to inquiries. Recipes or reservations for restaurants. Gift certificates. Trouble-shooting guides. Gift suggestions. Maps. Size charts. Newsletters.

    Leads: Many products and services do not lend themselves to direct sales over the Internet. Houses. Cars. College educations. If your business relies upon direct selling you can use the Internet to generate leads. Tip: you will get more and better leads if you offer something in return for contact information.

    Sales: Shippable products can be sold directly over the Internet. Some of the secrets of successful direct sales are:

  • Sell a well-known, branded product that customers feel comfortable buying, such as books, videos or music CDs.
  • Sell low-cost, unique or hard-to-find items that people are willing to take a risk on.
  • Take credit cards, checks or cyber cash online.
  • Give people a reason to come back to your site and buy more.

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