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Reach and Frequency

Reach and Frequency are advertising terms.

Reach is the number of different people who are exposed an advertising message at least once.

Frequency is the number of times thay are exposed to the message.

A related term is coverage, which is the potential number of people exposed to a message. In print media, reach and coverage are usually synonymous; in broadcast, coverage refers to the number of households living in communities that carry the broadcast, not those that actually are tuned in.

On the Internet, you have global coverage, an attractive concept. What you need to be concerned with however, is reach, the number of individuals who actually visit your page, and frequency, the number of times they return .

If you buy banner ads (advertising you pay for on other people's sites; more about that later) the sponsor should be able to report the number of people exposed to your ad and the number of "click throughs," or the number of people who click on the hyperlink to visit your site. They should also be able to collect data translating this into more effective reach and frequency.

The coverage of the Internet is attractive to people marketing to diverse markets, where advertising using traditional media would be prohibitively expensive.

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