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Competitors Online?

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Are your Competitors Online?

Your customers are online...or soon will be. The same goes for your competitors. The Internet has changed the definition of competion., competes with our local bookstores. The Virtual Vinyard competes with the local wine merchant. CDNow competes with the local record shop Think globally.

There are now more than a million Internet sites registered with .com domain names. There are even more business people who are using the Internet for marketing research or to build professional contacts through Usenet newsgroups and e-mail.

You will have to search for your own competition. You can start with these two directories of San Antonio businesses:

To find something more specific, look in one of the full-text search engines. Using Alta Vista, try searching for +"San Antonio" +florist to find a listing of florists in San Antonio.

If you have a parent company, a company tou are an agent for, or a particular product line that your carry, check the Internet. Many list the web pages of their affiliates who are also on the Internet. If you're not, you could lose business.

As you seek out your competition on the Internet ask yourself:

    What are they doing that I should be doing?

    What are they failing to do that I can jump on?

Places to learn more about your online competition:

    Making Money Online
    An article providing an in-depth look at the profitability of the Internet.

    Who's online?
    The preliminary results of a study being conducted at the University of Michigan.

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