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Should your
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Legal Blunders
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10 Blunders to Avoid

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How to
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Bare Bones Marketing
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Call to Action
Repeat Traffic

Legal traps and Blunders
Our judicial system is still struggling with the implications of online commerce. The Internet crosses not only state bounderies, but also international ones. Will your trademark hold? Can your copyright be violated? Can you be prosecuted for fraudulent advertising under an Australian law you've never heard of? Can the Venezualen government make you collect sales tax? These issues are still being thrashed out, and the prudent Internet marketer will monitor them.

Because the Internet is a new medium, it is attracting more than its share of scam artists. A Federal Trade Commission spokesperson recently noted,

The Internet will not achieve its commercial potential if this new frontier becomes the "Wild West" of fraudulent schemes. Even many honorable people, though, can lose their perspective when they move their marketing efforts onto the Internet. The whole atmosphere is so innovative, so unreal and so hyper that they make outrageous claims that they would never consider placing in the traditional media. Always keep in mind that a promise is a promise, a contract is a contract and a claim is a claim. The fact that you are advertising on the Internet does not in any way lessen your liability.

As a footnote, keep in mind that everything on the Internet is copyrighted. Although it is generally acceptable to link to other pages, as we have done on this site, you could get in trouble if you grab text or graphics from another site and appropriate them for your own use.

Places to learn more about Legal Issues

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